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Latest arrivals by Ermanno Scervino on MarèBeachwear
Luxury Beachwear and Made in Italy: you will not need any other words to describe Ermanno Scervino's collection... just have a look.
Boho-chic vibrations everywhere I look around

Skirts and dresses so fluid they rustle in the breeze, see-through fabrics, romantic lace and summery floral patterns.
Everything the perfect Boho Girl needs for a SS16 wardrobe that is just so boho-chic and trendy.

Here are 5 unmissable tips for your bohemian Summer:


  1. Natural colours and fabrics: white, beige, brown, burnt sienna, ochre, dark green, or black. A few splashes of bright colours in natural dyes: ruby, sapphire, sea-green.
  2. Boho outfits for the beach: bandeau bikini or triangle bikini, long and short Summer dresses, trousers or a skirt - the choice is yours, as long as it includes lace, crochet, jewels, fringes, and embroideries...but even floral or ethnic prints
  3. Comfort, excellent fit and lightness - the hallmarks of boho chic. Ethnic inspired sandles. All SS16 must-haves. 
  4. Necklaces and bracelets that are such a big part of boho chic in silver, wood or multicolours. Bangles or metallic slave bracelets. Plaits or soft curls, wavy or straight hair. Natural is the keyword.
  5. The trendiest Italian beachwear brands: Anjuna, Emamò, Flavia Padovan, Grazia’lliani, Raffaela D’Angelo are available online. Where? On, naturally!
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Super chic black - the ultimate classic colour that no holiday wardrobe should be without it.

It's hardly surprising that black features in every top Italian beachwear SS16 collection.

The perfect spring/summer look? Take your pick from swimsuits or bikinis, trousers or skirts, kaftans, shorts or sportswear.

Discover the top brands in our Noir collection Now available in our online store: Emamò, Scervino, Anjuna...

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Kristina-T a preview for S/S 2016

...For bikinis and beachwear we have to wait until December however, in the meantime, we can enjoy the preview of SS2016.

Fusion is the keyword for this Kristina – T Collection  , where Cristina Tardito , A passionate and wistful traveller, offers a varied melting pot of cultures , styles , fabrics and colours.

Charming retro lines are married with African prints , graphics and colour fringing are affixed on crochet dresses and silk is combined with raw fabrics. Above all else the selection and choosing of bright and unusual colour combinations defines this collection.

Already presented the swimsuits with strong colours and graphics, contrasting or very romantic designs, with floral appliqués or white lace.

Abito Costume intero

Costume intero con applicazioni Costume intero grafico

all the remainig images on:

Sneak Peek - Raffaela d'Angelo SS16

Raffaela d'Angelo. La nuova collezione P/E 2016 presto in vendita su Marè BeachwearRenowned for beachwear designs inspired by the gypsy style and for exalting the feminine side of women with a bubbly and carefree spirit, the Raffaela D'Angelo Spring/Summer 2016 collection is a super surprise for its use of innovative techniques and choice of natural materials.

The leitmotif of the SS16 collection is "indodeco" printing recalling the wonderful and fantastic landscapes of India and its natural earth colours. Beachwear embellished with small, shiny coins that become hallmarks of the ultimate sensual summer look.

This novel, bio collection is made with super innovative techniques and materials, but at the same time has a glamorous edge to it. Antibacterial, biodegradable, and ultra-light, the Biokini is made of a fabric obtained from corn fibre and Crabyon, a fibre derived from crab.

An innovative and daring collection: beachwear embroidered with threads of cotton and hemp, and embellished with a perfect blend of cocoa beans, and pumpkin acaii. The collection’s testimonial at the Milan Fashion Week, Italian swimmer, Olympic gold medallist and model, Federica Pellegrini, making a surprise appearance.

Bikinis and mini dresses in floral prints on a black background are super chic - the perfect look for a romantic resort.

.... And more: bikinis and kaftans in total white embellished with lace and embroidered details, tops in vibrant colours with lace trimmings, fresh, new prints and combinations, and meticulous attention to detail, including embellishments in lurex for a glittering effect.

All in all, it’s a collection that is a delight to look at and amazing to touch. Hats off to the Raffaela D’Angelo maison!

Watch the fashion shows here:

What you never knew about swimming costumes and bikinis

From Victorian modesty, to Brigitte Bardot’s two-piece bikini and barbie’s beachwear, here are 5 fascinating facts about swimming costumes and bikinis!

  1. The first official swimming costume wasn’t something you wore, rather it was a bathing carriage! The bathing carriage was invented by the Quakers in 1753. They resembled wooden changing booths, with wheels and wooden steps that led inside. Basically, a woman walks into the booth, changes, and when she's ready a horse gets hitched to the machine and drags her out to sea, at which point the machine becomes a floating changing buoy. Once the machine plunged far enough out into the ocean waves, the woman could quickly dive off the float. Great for avoiding the walk of shame! And perfect for Georgian and Victorian women who lived in a time where the site of an ankle caused a stir!
  2. In the 18th century, women wore bathing suits. These clumsy Victorian and Edwardian style bathing suits were often quite burdensome. Women typically dressed in black, knee-length, puffed-sleeve wool dresses, often featuring a sailor collar, and worn over bloomers trimmed with ribbons and bows. The bathing suit was accessorized with long black stockings, lace-up bathing slippers, and fancy caps. It was much the same for the men too whose woollen long-sleeved costumes covered their bodies and legs.
  3. So what have atomic bombs and bikinis got in common? Well the word “bikini” comes from the name of a Micronesian island named Bikini Atoll the site of US atomic bomb testing in 1946. Louis Réard invented the bikini just two weeks later and named his new product after the islands. It certainly made an explosive impact, so explosive that Louis banned his wife from wearing one!
  4. The bikini was first worn by French nude model Micheline Bernardini, at a fashion show at the Piscine Molitor in Paris. It certainly made an impact with Micheline receiving 50,000 letters from adoring fans. Wonder what that translates into in likes and followers today?
  5. It wasn’t until 1958 that we saw the two-piece bikini launched to a world market.  It was worn by the beautiful Brigitte Bardot in the film And God created woman. Bardot didn't invent the bikini, but she might as well be given credit. She popularized the two-piece when she showed off her curves in the and widen the appeal of the swimsuit style in Europe and the U.S.

So what about Barbie? Well, the bikini came a little later to Barbie, whose first trip to the beach was in a black and white striped one-piece swimming costume! Wonder what Ken thought of that!

Celebrities wearing Marè Beachwear

Every year Marè beachwear is becoming THE place to find the most stylish and fashionable beachwear in Italy.

This summer, top celebrities world are wearing the very designer brands that you too can find at Marè.

How can you resist?


Laura Pausini and Anna Tatangelo have been showing off their Flavia Padovan caftans and bikinis as they take time off to relax, catch some sun and even take the odd selfie. Cristina de Pin on the other hand has been sporting her Raffaela d’Angelo bikini as she basks on the beach. The audacious and stylish Fiammetta Cicogna just loves the new Anjuna collection and so too does the queen of fashion blogging Chiara Ferragni.

So what are you waiting for? Find the star in you and visit Marè Beachwear for all the top brands this summer.


Back to the Sixties: Grazia’lliani elegance a ‘must-have’ for our S/S ’15 beachwear

Last year’s Miami Swim Week was the backdrop for launching one of the major trends for 2015 - the high-waist bikini. Not only, the fashion show also staged the return of floral prints, swimsuits and beachwear embellished with jewellery.


With a strong focus on designs entirely made in Italy, Grazia’lliani was a ‘must-have’ for our S/S ’15 beachwear collection right from the word go. Grazia'lliani really strikes a chord with its collection of designs for women looking for refined hippy chic swimwear.

The touch of the 60s in underwired bikinis or bikinis with adjustable bottoms reminds of you, our customers, always elegant but also free to choose an extravagant costume.

> Discover the new 2015 Beachwear Collection by Grazia'lliani

Discover the new Anjuna Beachwear collection

Marè Beachwear is pleased to announce a wonderful new collection: Anjuna Beachwear

Emanuela Corvo, worldwide known for being Emamò’s Creative Director, is the designer behind this one of its kind collection, combining unique details with a refined sense of the modern-day look full of fascination.

The creative force of Anjuna Beachwear is a picture of unique details, enhanced with original patterns and designs, with exquisite Italian design and exclusive embellishments and lace trimmings.

Fall in love with Anjuna Beachwear colllection

Paspourtous, coming soon at Marè Beachwear

Paspourtous is a line born from a feminine need. The essence of the collection is written in its own name. Paspourtous has captured the attention of the media through the years and it’s sold in various luxury boutique and concept stores of high end around the world.


The inspiration although comes from France where Paspourtous takes its own name, a soft provocation symbol of a light nonchalance that allowed a total distance from the typical “diktats” of the commercial world.

Paspourtous Beachwear, coming soon at Marè Beachwear