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Happy Camouflage! Discover the brand new GRAZIA'LLIANI 2017 beachwear collection. Bikinis, kaftans, trousers, pants and dresses in a feminine military styile
All fitness & beachwear in one brand with Hartès Venezia on Marèbeachwear
Raffaela D'Angelo’s Spring/Summer collection 2017 is an exciting mix of exclusive beachware, created with the attention to detail that always distinguishes this stylist. Discover it all!
February is the month for love and for Carnival: discover the 5 most beautiful Carnivals in the world!
Talent and creativity, 3D technology and artisan precision transform jewellery .bijouets in unique intriguing and minimalist pieces.
Discover the magic of the most beautiful thermal baths and spas of Italy and enjoy a 100% luxury winter.
The Italian singer, one of the most important ones in Italy, once again manage to surprise her fans, with the release of her new hit "200 note".
From the overall vintage-inspired pieces to the 80s high-leg cut one-pieces, from the single-colour stretch dresses to the tassel shorts. The beachwear fashion is an ongoing evolution, full of news as well as reinterpretations. Discover together with MarèBeachwear the vibes and trends for SS 2017.
Tropical seas, white beaches and hot sun...Whether you have already booked your New Year's Eve trip or you are still planning your Winter holidays at the seaside, find out the perfect beachwear to wear in the most luxury destinations. Cruises, resorts, will you start 2017?
Read the exclusive interview with Flavia Padovan and find out what inspired her to create her SS 2017 Beachwear collection.