About us


Born in May of 2013 Marè is an evolution of one of the most important Italian Store of beachwearbikinis and accessories located in the historic center of Treviso.

The intuition of Guido Pomini, brings in only 3 years to become the largest online shop of luxury beachwear Made in Italy.
Each season, the careful research of new emerging strictly Italian brand, enriches the offer of making it more complete and exclusive.

Every year from December are presented and offered for sale to preview the best collections of the most important Italian brands of swimwear.

Our goal is to be ambassadors in the world of style and irreplaceable artisan ability of many small companies.
A unique asset that makes this industry niche of Italian fashion, an excellence of Made in Italy


Marè Beachwear the best beachwear store in Italy 2014


Maré  Beachwear is the result of a great team effort, with contribution from local craftsmen. A project born from the desire to bring to the spotlight the best and most sought-after brands of beachwear Made in Italy by placing them in an innovative and modern context made with "basic" materials such as wood and iron, most of the times recycled, combined with the best 3D printing designs. What emerged is a unique store  that attracts customers from all over the North East of Italy and from abroad.




The Marè Beachwear concept store in Treviso, 14 Martiri della liberta' st.