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Kristina Ti is a ready to wear collection. She conquers the head first of all. She knows the codes of femininity, because the cowl makes the monk! Dressing oneself to tell oneself.
Behind Kristina Ti there is Cristina Tardito in a symbiosis that cannot be set aside. Beyond fashion, prejudices and clichés, towards a very personal imagination. True expression of character!


The brand Raffaela D’Angelo was born in 2004 and it is entirely Made in Italy.
Its foundations are based on 20 years of consulting experiences in the most prestigious and important brands of beachwear and underwear.
The summer collections of Raffaela D’Angelo consist of swimsuits, sarongs, dresses, bags, and other accessories. The brand grew fast and spread not only in Italy but also in Europe and other countries around the world.



Eagerly sought after by celebrities, the Flavia Padovan bathing suits and dresses are all strictly handmade and embroidered with beads, sequins, crochet , crystals and pendants.
Flavia Padovan, Rome-based stylist bolstered by a successful family tradition in beachwear, launched her own line in 2000, winning the hearts and souls of a wide audience, both Italian and international, and becoming, less than ten years in the making, one of the Made in Italy’s most representative brands.  Materials are the very soul of each creation: prints and embroideries are designed by the stylist herself.
And the entire production process is Made in Italy.
The spirit of the Flavia Padovan collection may be summarized in 3 words: quality, craftsmanship, exclusivity.



Each garment from Emamò is a unique piece, a perfect harmony of craftsmanship, exclusive fabrics and precious embroideries. The history of the brand is entangled with that of beachwear in Italy, the former being capable to anticipate the evolution of the latter into beach couture and summer total look.

Emamò signs a collection capable of being a synthesis of the various essences in its brand values, blending fluid lines, colorful prints, hand-made details, a passion for perfection into an idea of femininity and real luxury.



Luxury resort and couture with a sophisticated style and sartorial elegance designed with a personal touch that is both intriguing and modern, a glamorous look for free-spirited women who want to make a statement with their own original style.

Emanuela Corvo is the creative director behind this one of its kind collection, combining unique details with a refined sense of the modern-day look full of fascination. The creative force is a picture of unique details, enhanced with original patterns and designs, with exquisite Italian design and exclusive embellishments and lace trimmings.



Grazia’lliani is a company based in Bologna, which has been producing lingerie, beach wear and lounge wear for the last twenty years. The brand 100% Made in Italy, was set up with the main objective of making women satisfied in their own home.

Grazia’lliana targets women who adore their femininity. A never-ending search for new materials, distinctive colours and the first comfortable and seductive lingerie for women to wear anytime.

Over the years, the Grazia’lliani has achieved international high-market success with clients from all over Europe and around the world.



SoloBlu – Italian Beach Couture, is a new brand of beachwear lifestyle all Made in Italy that offers swimwear, beachwear and accessories for a unique and elegant look all day long.
SoloBlu – Italian Beach Couture finds its inspiration from a long journey through Italy’s coasts and beaches, creating a unique style that represents Italian lifestyle and tradition, with a perfect mix between modern interpretation and timeless fashion, for a confident woman that balances simplicity, sensuality and elegance.



Born in 2000 in Florence Ermanno Scervino Maison, becomes synonymous of the best Italian  quality and style. The continuous interaction between knowledge and experimentation takes the form of a product that combines the craftsmanship of excellence for innovation. Ermanno Scervino personally follows the developments of his research, producing a different and  high quality product.



Paspourtous is a line born from a feminine need. The essence of the collection is written in its own name. It is not for everybody. It's for who looks and can't find, who wants to feel comfortable in the intimacy of a bathing suit, who wants to find a feminine elegance made of small details, for who doesn't want to show off but just be.

Paspourtous searches through old wardrobes of French inspirations, finds unique materials of other times and paints them with powdery and soft tone colors. In a world that “screams”
Paspourtous prefers to whisper, choosing understate colors and light patterns, delicate, melts them with unusual details and submerge them in the poetry of water



Luxury materials, lively colours and a touch of extravaganza: these are the secret ingredients of PetitFollie.
This brand is entirely made in Italy, and although it's a new entry it is already renowned for the quality of its embroideries and precious appliques that enrich every item.
PetitFollie Collection is designed for all unconventional and sparkling women with a chic, happy and original style, who want Summer to last forever.



When quality meets artisanship, the result is a well-finished product by Fiorio.

This brand was founded in 1946 and, collection after collection, it stood out thanks to the quality of its fabrics and to the sophisticated design. With70 years of history behind, Fiorio created Fiorio Man, a beachwear collection for men, characterized by a classy design and a distinctive style for a contemporary elegance, from its one-colour pieces to the patterned ones.