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Exclusive interview with Raffaela D'Angelo

February 11, 2019

We interviewed Raffaela D’Angelo,
Creative Director
of the same-named brand,
to find out about the concept
and inspirations behind the
New Swimwear Collection

You are the real heart and soul
of the Raffaela D’Angelo brand.
Over the years,
how has the brand evolved?
And what about you, as a woman and a stylist

"The brand is just over 10 years old.
From the first collection it has maintained
its identity and consistency in its image.
This is because I try to make my spirit
come through in all the stylistic decisions I make.

The evolution has come in our increasingly
comprehensive proposal; we have different
models and fits, both for bikinis and full costumes.

The coverups section has also been significantly
enhanced: now, our garments are sold to
be worn on occasions that go beyond
those of the beach."

What has been the biggest challenge?

"My biggest challenge is making an item
every year that will be remembered over time
but that is in line with the most incisive social aspects of the period.

For the year dedicated to Expo,
I created the BIOKINI,
followed by the BURKINI the year after.
Then, there was the PAINT-KINI
dedicated to Italian art.
This year, I have launched the MY-KINI,
reinventing the idea of a personalised bikini."

What mood and inspirations lie behind
the new Cruise and S/S19 collections?

"The base inspiration can still be found
in Italian tradition, art, sculpture and painting,
as well as embroidery, precious weaves
and lace coming from other times.

Everything has been interpreted for
the travelling woman, sometimes romantic
and sometimes a bit gypsy,
who wants to be elegant but never too simple.

First and foremost, my inspiration is internal.
Then, it is translated into images."

Each designer leaves a part of itself
in every creation: how is your
reflected in the 2019 collection?

"Without a doubt, I can’t avoid being romantic,
and it is this romanticism that makes me
stand out. Perhaps I also convey the fact that
I never go over the top in my use of colours,
which I always call “dusty."

How are Raffaela D’Angelo pieces best worn?
May you give us a fashion

"The bikinis and coverups in my collection are
easy to wear because they are customisable and interchangeable:
from the simplest of coordinated combinations
to the riskier ones for more confident women.

I love unexpected pairings with different
coordinated prints in the colours.
I love wearing a kaftan over trousers and
an open shirt as though it were a dress."

Your relationship with Marè Beachwear
has now been
going strong
for years. What makes it so important?

"The relationship between Raffaela D'Angelo
and Marè has been going strong
for years as it is based on
the reliability and professionalism of both.
It represents a connection between people
who have the knowledge to take on the market
and, if I may so, with great foresight.

Marè believed in us from the very beginning,
and we try never to break this trust
by creating high-level collections year after year.
This is the basis of a long-lasting relationship."

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This article has been edited by Alessandra Pomini,
Sales Advisor at MareBeachwear.com